Tim O'Connor met Flute player Paul Daly in Bordeaux in 1994 and the two have them have since played many gigs and festivals throughout the world including the
Cultural Center in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Musicport Festival (UK), Zamek folk festival (Poland), Johhny Ds Club (Boston) Marche des Continents festival (France) Cloggs Gallagher festival (Ireland) Hebden Bridge Arts festival (UK) amongst many others:

Paul Daly comes from "Flute playing country" Ballaghadereen in Roscommon to be precise and he is renowned as both a fine traditional player and a great improviser, a quality that he uses to the full on Tim's songs.

Tim and Paul have a great live vibe and have an eclectic style, a few years ago Tim and Paul met up and recorded with Toureg Musician Danto Aya (See review)

Tim and Paul also run workshops;


Concert, France

Marche des Continents festival, Chambery, France

Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil